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'97 2wd 5.0 oil pan replacement ???


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August 2, 2009
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2003 Mountaineer V8 4.6L
I need to replace the rack/pinion on my 1997 Mountaineer with a 5.0 V8 and rear wheel drive. I also have an oil pan gasket leak. I'm wondering if I can get the pan loosened enough to work on a new gasket with the rack removed and not have to unbolt exhaust and without raising the engine. I've seen some threads saying its doable, but others saying the pan is different on the 97 models, and others saying it can be done on 2wd, but not AWD.

Anybody done this? No lift available, just ramps and stands. It's leaking pretty good, so while I have the rack out, if it's possible, I'd like to do both. The rack has play at the ends making a knock on small bumps at neutral steering.I don't know if I have the one piece rubber pan gasket, but had seen where some people were able to cut the original to remove, and then bend the new gasket around the pan and into position.


From what I have heard, it won't be easy. The big issue you will have is the cross member.
you will get the pan loose, but the oil pump pick up will prevent removal unless you remove the pump or pickup. Tedious at best.

Id say to try fishing the new gasket under the pickup, but its at your own risk. I can only imagine the level of frustration you will have.

I'd see one thread where someone used a rubber gasket and stretched it around the pan, all on the outside, and got it in place that way. This way, he didn't need to fully remove the pan, or fool with the oil pump. just dropped it down, removed the old gasket, and put it back. I was thinking of trying that as well, while I replaced the rack, if the rack removed helped with clearance. My pan is dripping quite a bit. I tried tightening the bolts, which were very loose, but couldn't get to all of them due to other stuff in the way. they were so loose and well oiled, I didn't get close to the torque specs because I got so worried about stripping them with NO resistance if that makes sense.

Makes perfect sense.
At least you don't have to drop the front Diff also.
Keep us updated.