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97 2wd Ranger Converted to 4wd TTB V8 Tuff Truck.

I got bit hard by the tuff truck bug, little lower than my previous rigs, for going fast and smaller jumps 4-5ft or less at this time lol.

Bought 97 Reg Cab 2wd Ranger guy started parting out, little rough.

Truck is getting painted Allis Chalmers Orange- bed will be done on Monday , just fixed dents in it this week at school.

Truck is getting Explorer 302 from my purple truck
5spd from 98 F150 with 4.2 V6
4406 manual


James Duff front 5.5 Longarm kits, going to ad Pro Comp bump stops and some limiting straps.

Rear will get Deaver Race pack 2 & 1/2 lift springs

Running Bronco 2 tank in rear to keep wait on rear

Will have full roll cage and Corbeau suspension seats with 3in padded 5-point harnesses

running 31in Procomp Extreme all terrains

Few pics:





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This thing is looking amazing, can't wait to see it catch some air at SMORR, thinking of the perfect spot now on that hill on the front side of the park.

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Recieved my SCT Tuner today from Henson performance now just need to get the custom tune details worked out !!

Soon as I sell my 35in boggers gonna get my Pro Tools bender ordered, hope soon!!!

Update: Drove the truck toward springfield to look at a dirtbike, about 25 miles from springfield on 44 I saw GmanPaint coming opposite direction on I-44 figured surely he saw me lol cause I saw his purple explorer *Pugly* so I turn radio down and roll up the window to call him, while talking to greg my tranny makes horrible sounds and screatching, I was like sh it my tranny is going out, so I pull off at next exit sound goes away, also just changed fluid night before tryning to get fresh fluid in tranny :). Nothing appears wrong under truck and now shifting fine and noise gone?? Im like WTF hmm now I was running 80 mph down I-44 and now 2:30 hours from home thinking man tranny is gonna die so instead of going further I turn around to head home take diff route back thru the lake ozarks to see some different scenery LOL and as I get back to my town cruising along it just goes to like its in neutral no gears lol coast to a stop and was glad I turned around!! My diagnois is broke the input shaft and now searching for another tranny but they are very very hard to find at least on craigslist for a good deal, thought about rebuilding but I located another tranny at salvage yard with only 39xxx miles and will gaurantee it for 90 days for $700 way more than want to spend but I dont like looking at the truck and not being able to drive it now cause it is a blast!! So hopefully tommorow my brother will pic tranny up for me he has my $700 bucks so hope he does!!

Jeez. I wondered what happened to you after that ordeal. That blows about the trans taking a dumpster dive. Low miles on that other one, hopefully it's a good strong trans, and works out for you.

We were most likely all talking when you passed us on the HWY, and I didn't notice a Orange blur going the opposite direction...lol

Yep thats what happened, my brother should be getting my new tranny today, he is the expert with rebuilding them. So he is good at inspecting them and will pull the top off it before he pays and check everything.

Excited to get it changed cause have my new tune now to install on the computer :)

That thing came out great! Amazing work so far. Paint looks hawt

Thanks Section525, I'm pretty excited about it, its alot of fun to drive!

Update truck fixed! Was not the tranny my 4406 took a dump LOL so now I have spare low mile tranny o well!! LOL It will get used. Also installed Xcal Tune from Henson Performance and wow def noticed big result and more power, pull out on highway and slide sideways easy LOL pretty funny stuff!!!

I guess im slighlty addicted to buying junk! LOL On my lunch break going to look at 99 v8 limited expo with collision dmg from spinning into gaurd rail, still runs, didnt take out radiator almost looks driveable with new tires for $500 clear title, i just c ant hardly resisit and also only 2miles from work, ah gotta stop doing this LOL

Lucky for me it turned out to be a big pile of junk, the spare parts I wanted were tore up, so will pass on that!!

Small to do list for this week LOL

Have an alignment scheduled for Wed -Morning at 8 :)
Need to mount a rear bumper
Make mounts for rear longer shocks.
Hook up left front door speaker
Clean up V8 wiring harness adapter LOL
Get truck titled in my name and plates transfered
Redo Gas tank filler hose into bed.
Change T-case fluids.
Add CB??

Hoping to drive it to Springfield this weekend and do some offroading.

Little vid from tonight, got both rear shocks hooked up, but little to soft still. Thats ok temp setup till bed cage and longer adjustable shocks in rear, just need $$ for bender is on hold.

Im having a heck of a time trying to decide on rear leaf springs, either Deaver F31 or
G50's, i hear u need more weight in rear for G50s, which I have bronco 2 tank in rear, I will have rear bumper, 1 spare tire, and little bit of a bed cage, isnt that enough?? + i dont have fiberglass bed i just have metal bed. Im bit concerned thoe about the amount of lift, some places say when you flip the shackles you wont have any lift from them? I need the 2 1/2 they claim. So this is my delima have a week to decide, then gonna order, also trying to decide on rear shocks, thinking 14in travel Fox 2.5 remote resi's. My rear handles horrible now so hoping this will make it better.

Ordered my Pro Tools bender today :thumbsup:, Can get started on cage soon and bumpers, I'm getting 1 1/2 die and 1 3/4, can bend up to 180 degree dies.

Update changed rear leaf springs to 4dr explorer pack, since twisted the stock ranger ones real bad, gonna try these explorer ones and build dull shock setup to try, before I shell out for Deavers, just not ready to spend that yet. :)

Should be getting chance to use my Pro tools bender this weekend, either gonna start building bumpers or start on Roll cage. :) Will post pics when progress starts.

Will be nice so Gman won't gripe at me for not having tow points, while at SmoRR lol ;)

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Short video, hitting jump in 3rd gear.