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97 4.0 air inlet tube


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July 7, 2013
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97 eddie Bauer Explorer 4
Broke the rubber tee end while doing a thermostat housing r&r. on my daughters 97 explorer 4.0 vinE. Are there any work arounds for this I find the parts replacement is quite pricey for an old vehicle. Ford site part no. is 9p904 but the actual part that is from the truck is numbered 97jf9p904ag. Would really appreciate any help at all this part is 213.48 from the dealership.

In research for this problem I've searched using all kinds of cue words to get a hint and using the cueword Iac I've stumbled upon this entry here on the SeriousExplorations site from the User named "AGreenSmudge" he wrote that he searched the autoparts store for a preformed hose of about the same dimensions and fixed his so thats my next adventurehis post is http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=386445&highlight=iac+hose.

Anybody got a clue as to what that hose he found belongs to, part no.?