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97 AWD 5.0 Binding


December 9, 2007
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Lake Park, MN
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97 XLT 5.0 AWD
Last fall my wife was driving our explorer through fairly deep wet slush when she said there was a funny binding noise comming from the driver's side tire. After a quick peek I noticed the CV Boot had a crack in it so I ended up replacing that assuming the joint was causing the binding. However, even after replacing it...it still binds. I ended up parking it for the winter until I had time to look into it.

It seems to be secluded to the driver's side and it binds with the wheels straight and at slow speeds. It doesn't seem to be caused from the wheels being turned at all.

Any ideas for things to look for? The CV shaft I used was a new...not a rebuilt one.

Ok thanks I'll try that tommorrow...

I guess when driving the vehicle straight the driver's side tire will pause for a second while moving slowly and then making a clunking noise and start rotating again.