97 AWD Output shaft seal replaced 4x and still leaking ! | Ford Explorer - Ford Ranger Forums - Serious Explorations

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97 AWD Output shaft seal replaced 4x and still leaking !


December 31, 1999
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San Diego, CA
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97' XLT AWD V8
97 XLT AWD 173kmi
Transmission seal went filling the transfer case w/trans fluid.
Took it to Oceanside Certified Transmission shop (Excellent reviews and AAA recommended)
Replaced inner trans seal and rebuilt Transfer case as viscous clutch was fried (Loud popping when turning..etc)

1. Popping fixed. Smooth sailing until I noticed the transfer case leaking at the case halves.
-Took it back
2. Case halves no leak. It began leaking at the rear and front output shaft seals.
-Took it back
3. Rear output fixed. Still leaking at front output shaft.
-Took it back
4. All "new" transfer case. Halves, internals and seals. Balanced shafts. Drove it around the block and wholla! leaking from front output shaft seal.
-Took it back

Anyone have any idea what they might be missing?


Explorer Addict
September 2, 2011
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Besides the actual seals there may be bushings or bearings involved. If the bushing, bearings or yokes are worn and have too much play the seals can't do a good job of sealing. I ran into this on the CV axles in my '00 Mountaineer AWD. I replaced the axle seals and they still leaked. I had to go back and replace the worn, sloppy axle bearings to get the axles to stop leaking.