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97 eb build thread


May 2, 2015
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Oaklyn nj
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97 Eddie Bauer X 5.0 awd
Hey guys so I'm starting my build thread I bought this truck 6 months ago for 500 she needed a good cleaning and a good going over. With in the first month I had a body lift for it but held off on putting it on for a few months. About a month ago I put the body lift on and started the massive cleaning up. My plans for this truck is to get it on 33's and eventually do the coil over conversion. Well onto some pics
Pics of me tearing out the interior



While the interior was out i decided to paint the rear door pillars


While doing all of this I checked the air filter and I was in for a rude awakening

Then the body lift was started


I put the interior back in


I decided to prime and paint the grille


The next mod white gauged

This is all I've gotten done so far more to come real soon everyone!!

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Ever time i see white gauges I get more and more tempted to do them. I'd probably would have done them by now if I wasn't so busy. But so far the build looks great.

Thanks a lot I don't know if I will keep the silver or just swap the white gauge faces on yet. My grille is finished until I decide what to do about the fading chrome. Here is a pic of the finished result

Well it's been a while since I posted to this thread I picked up some wheels for the truck and I'm currently looking for a set of tires, my plan is to stuff some 285/75/16s on her but for now the wheels have 255/70/16. Here is a pic of the wheels after I painted them. I'm also getting ready to order some led lights for Rock lights, my buddies Tacoma was the inspiration for those here is a pic of his leds he had them on his Cherokee and when he sold it took them off and put them on his Tacoma, they are actually sign led pods that are water proof and have been extremely durable, they are almost 3yrs old and has never had one issue with them.


If anyone wants to know where to buy them k can send you the link they are 1.45 a piece per pod. I think he has 2-3 on each side and one up front and in the rear.