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'97 EB JBL system problems (newb)


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June 24, 2009
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Lehighton, PA
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'97 Eddie Bauer Edition
Hi, this is my first post here, so help a nub out, ha.

Myself and a friend who has installed numerous systems are trying to put a 10" Dual Sub, Dual Amp, and a Sony Head Unit in my '97 Eddie Bauer w/JBL system. I bought the wiring harness to hook up the HU, but it doesn't fit and says on the back of the box that you need another adapter to go with it. We took a look at the seccond adapter and can't figure out how it works so my friend wants to just solder/shrink wrap the wires. Now for the problems/questions:

1. We can't find a wiring diagram for the '97 EB that is accurate (particularly which wires are +/- to each speaker).

2. And he had mentioned something about bypassing the stock amp for something or other, any incite on to what he was talking about?

Thanks for helping a complete newb to car audio!
(PS, yes i searched)

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You need Metra Harness 70-5601 to bypass the JBL system. What you need to bypass is underneath the passenger side rear window, underneath the interior plastic. The wiring harness will run from there, underneath the carpet, to behind your new head unit, where you can attach them to the head unit's wiring, like a normal system.
When i did mine, i had the front passenger seat out of the car, and the rear seat unbolted so i could move it around, and put the wiring under the carpet.

You'll also need to wire in the subwoofer separately. The amplifier for the subwoofer has a plug in the top, with a white, a red and a black wire, I believe. The amp turn on wire from the head unit needs to be connected to the white, then the positive and negative wires in an RCA needs to be connected to the red and black wires, with the RCA plugged into the subwoofer out of your headunit.

Thanks for the help. But i still need to know which wires are which; without that information, i can't hook anything up. Anybody got a wiring chart or know which ones are which?

Try searching. I've posted the diagrams here several times.

I have searched, i've also been directed to the12volt.com, and not a single wire color from the diagram on that site matches my truck.

Hopefully these will help you out.








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