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'97 EB sound system setup


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December 23, 2000
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'97 Eddie Bauer

I have a 97 X EB with the JBL Premium sound system and was thinking about upgrading the door speakers and maybe adding a bigger sub and amp. But before I got to work, I need to know how the sounds system is wired in my X. I went to Tweeter and the guy told me that the amp in the rear quarter is powering all speakers (front + read door speaker + sub in rear). I thought that sounded a little bit weird. Also, he said that the crossovers for the door speakers were in the back of the car with the amp, therefor simply replacing the door speakers wouldnt work. Can anybody verify this info or tell me whats really going on in my X.
Thank you so much.


come on guys

come on guys...

somebody must be able to help me out on this one... :-)


this should help out somewhat

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