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97 eb x bl lifted


May 2, 2015
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Oaklyn nj
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97 Eddie Bauer X 5.0 awd
Well today I started my body lift on my xplorer, I had done one prior on my old ranger, and like I thought it was just as easy. I had one bolt give me a issue but I just jacked the body up to out tension on it and loosen and repeat until I had it out. I still have to raise the bumpers and reinstall my entire interior. I ripped the entire interior out to power wash the carpet because the p/o trashed the carpet and it was serverly stained. Well here is some pics from tonight.
Here is some stock before





My old truck

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BLs are a pain. Mine wasn't easy. My front bolts fought me for every degree of rotation. One had the decency to snap.

And in the end, I wish I would have never done it. With the SAS/SOA, I would really like to have that weight 2" lower. But my bumpers and sliders are built to that height so it would be expensive to go back.

What size tires are you going with?

what size body lift? 2 inches or 3?

I haven't yet decided a size tire yet I'm thinking 32x11.5x15s for it, I did a 3" body lift and this has been a royal pain in my arse. My steering extension wasn't milled out enough so I had to grind my shaft 1/16-1/8" down to get it to fit into it, my front bumper would align right, and the rusted bolts for the front mounts. I just cut the heads of and cut the metal cone inside the mount it's self since it was going to have to get basically drilled completely out anyway. As much as I would love to be able to do a sas/soa or a ranger 8.8 lsd, I can't see it in my future, I'm building this truck to be a street queen but when I want to trail ride and be as capable as my old truck. Funds will be extremely tight for this build as my son is due in November. I have most of it done, I still have a rear bumper to lift, redo body-frame grounds and im currently re-installing my interior as I took it out to power wash the carpet and clean up most of the plastic trim.

Here are some pics before I did the front bumper