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97 explorer aftermarket radio help


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January 9, 2015
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97 ford explorer
i got a sonyxplod that i want to put in a 97 sport but dont know what harness to buy.when i got my explorer it had already had a aftermarket stereo installed it but that was stolen before i got it. the factory radio harness was still there and i just put a stock cassette player from a ranger in it . so i dont know which radio came in it from the factory or if its premium sound or jbl.it dosent have the same size plugs for power and speaker like older fords the power plug is the same as older fords but the speaker plug is smaller. what do i need to put my xplod in my explorer with out running new speaker wires?

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That's probably the one, if not, post pics of the connectors and I'll show you which one you need.

That's the one. I used a Schoche one in my truck. Works great.

Just don't forget to hookup the blue remote wire on the radio to the harness.