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'97 Explorer "BigRed"

Updated: 11/16/04

Well i thought i already posted my truck in here but i guess i didn't since i can't find my thread. I posted in the general explorer registry. Anywayz, my name is Adam and i live in a small town called apollo. Now, on to my baby, i got her when i turned 18 and she is mostly still stock with some minor modifications. She has the great SOHC powerhouse with a KKM and transferring the power to the wheels is the 5R55E tranny. Also, gotta love this site, great information and great people. Well here she is...check her out for me...lata...

Just got some new tires on "Big Red"....take a gander...






It looks so nice... :D

List of specs and mods visite my vbgarage...vbgarage

Thanks for taking a look, pm me sometime...lata

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yeah i know ya like it....its nice :D .... :p

Nice and clean. Looks great.

Bump: Updated.....check out the new tires...

Looks really good, man! Same color as mine, I like it alot!

UPDATE: 4/9/05

Well today turned out to be an awesome day, got alot of well needed work done on the expo. Not only did i get work done, i bought rims off of IAmTodd. So what here is the New an Imporved "BigRed"



I believe they are EMO's 15x8