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97 Explorer Radio size?


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November 12, 2014
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Hey all-
Sorry if this has been asked before, I've searched online and haven't gotten a clear answer so I figured I would ask here!

I recently got a '97 Explorer XLT from a friend of mine for a good deal, and so far love it! I've been looking at new deck's to get, and even though it looks like a Double DIN would fit in this space, Crutchfield and other sites say it has to be a single DIN deck, and Google said the reason behind this is because if you pull out the radio stack, it is in fact a Double DIN size for a few inches then the stack slims down and won't fit a Double fully.

Is this true? I haven't had a chance to pull out the radio stack yet, and figured I would just ask here before taking all that apart.

Thanks for any and all input! I am very excited to have this new ride, I used to rock a '91 full size Bronco, and this isn't quite as good as the Bronco, but I love everything about it so far! :)

There is an entire forum section dedicated to audio.


But anyway there is plenty of room behind the bezel for a double din. The issue is the opening in the bezel is not a true double din so you have to pull the bezel and cut about 3/8" taller then add a mounting kit ($8 on amazon) to get it fitted. I have full double dins in both of my GenII Expos.

I used a rotary file to enlarge my radio bezel. The key is to be patient and do a lot trial fits to make it look right and not have large gaps around the radio.

It's a 1.5DIN, a 1 DIN will go in, a 2 DIN will fit with minor modifications as stated in previous comments.