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97 Explorer RKE Troubleshooting


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January 11, 2014
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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1997 Ford Focus ZTS
Hi All,

My daughter bought a 97 Explorer Eddie Bauer. It didn't come with any remotes but had electrical locks so I consulted with a dealership and using the VIN got the part number for the remotes and ordered 2 of them from eBay. I did some searching and found the sequence to program them, cycle key from off to run 5 times then the locks cycle which it does all of that then I push a button on the remote and nothing happens. I've tried it on both remotes and neither work, I replaced the batteries and neither still work. Now I'm assuming that if the sequence works, locks cycling after the off to run key cycling that the remote keyless receiver is working. I took the remotes to my local Autozone and "tested" them to make sure they were transmitting and they seemed to work. Any one out there have any other suggestions about what I can check? Thanks, Fred


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September 2, 2011
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on my 2000/2001 models it 8 times to get the locks to cycle, but it may be different on an older model. you should be ending with the key in the ON position and IMMEDIATELY push a button on the remote. i've experienced that one of my trucks gives you very little time to push the remote button. the others aren't so finicky.