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97 explorer xlt service times/


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December 17, 2001
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san diego, calif
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97 explorer xlt
i purchased a used 97 ford explorer xlt and I also purchased an extended warranty. However the car did not come with a manual and I need to know the manufacture service intervals. and what all needs to be *seviced*
thanks in advance!


With a used car you have to assume that nothing has been done. Make sure the oil, transmission, radiator and rear end have fresh fluid. Check belts and hoses and replace what is original if over 100K. Check the radiator cap and if bad replace but be ready to also replace the radiator at 100K to 120K. Spark plugs and wires are also on my list of check/change with a used vehicle. If in doubt replace the plugs with new plugs. Keep the wires to 100K or so but replace if the car is running rough or missing with the new plugs. Other things to check are brakes and front wheel bearings. These are usually neglected until they go out. On a 2wd they are not very expensive but I don't know about a 4wd model. rc

I think you can download the manual from Ford Owner Connection site. Just need your VIN #. Search for Owners Manual and you should find a thread with a link to that site.