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'97 Limited 5.0 V8 AWD Drive shaft problem! Please help!


March 24, 2008
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Louisville, KY
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01 Explorer Sport Trac
I have a front drive shaft problem! I think it's by or is the CV joint of the front drive shaft. It's near the transfer case end. There is a boot torn and grease is leaking out. I was on a trail and got water/dirt in it and it made scratching/grinding noise like nails on a chalkboard when i accelerated. Autozone says they don't deal with driveshafts. Another auto parts store couldn't identify the problem or find the part. I'm hesitant to take it to the dealer.($$$) I had this same issue about a year ago, had it fixed, now it's back. Any suggestions could help! I'm going to try to do this myself. Thanks!!


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The cheapest is from orielly's
It will have a lifetime warranty-and thank goodness the replacement is simple because they are hit and miss-

You need to measure the length, between the welds-as there are 3 different possibilties for that particular year-

It could be 22 3/4" , 23 7/8" , or even the longer earlier 97 version.

Now-if yours matches this number-i can tell you it is the 22 3/4" version.


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Thank you very much Jon! I'll measure and check with O'riley's today! Are you talking about replacing the entire thing or just the boot inside there? I priced that section of driveshaft and it was around 250. Thanks!

If dust/dirt got in you need to replace the drive shaft. I don't beleive anyone makes just the rubber boot.