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97 merc 5.0, looking exhaust, intake, headers?


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January 28, 2008
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97 merc mountaineer
I appreciate any advice anybody can give, I have a 97 Mountaineer with a 5.0L v8 and the flat air filter. I am wanting to get better mpg and hp all at once. I found a dynomax cat back exhaust i think should work, and from looking at these forums, I think that there's an air max cold air intake kit (the 25000, though it says 98 explorers and that throws me off) and am wondering if I'm missing something.

Would adding the torque monster headers to this help me or hurt me?

I am looking to be as bolt on as possible with this, as I'm not really a car guy, but it just feels like the car has so much more in it than it's giving me.

I know nothing about chips at all, either, would that be necessary too?

Basically, I suck.


Headers are the #1 thing to help your 5.0, IMO. An intake would help as well. Other exhaust mods aren't really necessary, don't offer significant gains, but if you like the sound, then it won't hurt.

The headers are a bit more of a "bolt on", the installation is fairly involved, though it does actually bolt on.

Chips are a thing of the past, the only way to go is a flasher and a tune www.hensonperformance.com is the guy I'd suggest.

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