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97 SAS Explorer


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June 19, 2006
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Tampa FL
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1999 F150 SAS'd
Might be purchasing a 97 v8 4 door explorer. Its got a leaf sprung D30 (i know i know)

the steering isnt done right and really dont want to run what is there. (stock rack and pinion)

Its sitting on 35" Boggers and dont want to go much taller right now.

Hows the best way to fix this issue. It doesnt seem like theres enough room to run crossover steering. So imo full hydro would be the only way around lifting it higher.

If i get said explorer, it will be getting D60's and 38's but thats down the road and around the corner.

Im not new to SAS i have a 99 F150 thats SAS'd on 46's

thanks in advance

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I used a Toyota box in my v8 with high steer. Check out the link in my sig.

How does it still have the Ifs rack?!

Oh yeah.. Welcome! And pics of the f150!

ill check out that link.

they used angle iron to extend the steering knuckles up then bolted the stock rack and pinion to it, i geuss in theory it should work but in actuality it doesnt haha. I did drive it and it barely turns WIDE turns... wider than the F150 on 46's.

heres a picture of the F150... its not done and actually stripped back down. Going on up to 2.5 tons.





anyone else.

im still looking though section525's thread

I used a box out of a 91 Explorer and I'm also running a D30 out of a Cherokee.


did you have enough room to mount it inside the frame? It doesnt seem to be enough room with the v8.

now what about lift, this explorer is clearing 35's and probably would clear 36's thats MAX, too me it doesnt look to be enough room to run crossover without cutting the front crossmember out.

So does the Explorer still have the front crossmember? :confused:

Nope, I have the 4.0. I should have paid more attention to that. I'm also only up on 33's.

So does the Explorer still have the front crossmember? :confused:

yes, that needs to go. From what i read... after cuttin that out you DONT have to replace it with anything? Should i make a high clearanced crossmember out of some DOM or chromoly?

I'd like to see some pics of your current setup. Yeah, cut out that crossmember. Do you have a crossmember where your front leaf spring mounts are?

i havent bought the explorer yet. I was told to take a look here before i bought it (by a fellow SAS explorer)

I need this to have as little down time as possible if im going to buy it. I need something to drive when the F150's getting 2.5 tons

If the owner post some pictures of the frontend ill steal them and post them up. But its doubtfull he will.

I dont believe theres a leaf spring crossmember, i think they are individual hangers on the front left and front right that arent connected. But i cant remeber exactly