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97 SOHC V6 - spark plug washers?


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February 1, 2008
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Del Mar, CA
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97 XLT 2WD 4.0 SOHC
are there supposed to be spark plug washers (crush washers) on my spark plugs?

I changed three plugs and wires last night, and none of the old plugs had washers and the new ones didn't, either.

However, this morning, the truck is idling rough and I hear a small "pfft" under the hood, which I think is a leaking plug. anybody add washers to their plugs?

I'm pretty sure it's a tapered neck plug, and none of the plugs on RockAuto show washers for your Ex...

Loose plug is usually a 'tick'

thanks, I just tightened the leaking plug and the noise went away.