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97 Sport 5-speed clutch


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March 12, 2014
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Buffalo, NY
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1997 Explorer Sport
So here's what happened:

-Losing clutch fluid beneath bell housing, (slave Cyl I assume).

-Bled through the slave bleeder valve a reservoir of Lucas power steering stop leak, followed by 3 flushes of DOT3. Leak immediately stopped for about 3 months.

-Clutch pedal starts to intermittently go to the floor, release, and pressure again.

-This went on for a week. Noticed a hydraulic whining sound with clutch pressing

-Whining became worse, clutch pedal became worse. A metallic squealing for a brief moment, then clutch pedal goes to floor, comes back up with no pressure when pushed down again.

-And it's now in a parking lot, (thank God I was able to coast into one). And chock it due to no trans to keep it in gear. I just did the parking brake shoes and hadn't reattached the ebrake cables yet.

I know the Slave was going out, and probably do the master as well. What else should be replaced? Clutch is fairly new.

Thanks for any advice.

Clutch is fairly new, did you also do the slave at that time?

It was bought used. Previous owner only stated clutch was new. Was fine 2 years. I know the slave was leaking due to the dripping out of the bell housing. The stop leak took care of that for about 3 or 4 months. What's more likely to go out the master or slave clutch? And would both result in a zero pressure clutch pedal.

What's weird is that the reservoir now drains down immediately, but I see no leaks on the ground or in the cabin.:scratch: