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97 Sport Project


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June 7, 2006
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Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
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97 Sport, 91 Samurai
Ok so i got myself a new to me 97 explorer sport. I put a set of shackles on her the other day and she was raked a bit so i went to tighten & replace the tortion bolts and found that the driver side was already at it's max. Now i can see from the front that the CV's aren't even close to being angled too much, I plan on putting a set of 4dr leafs in her that have already had a full length aal added. Now my question is can i get longer bolts to crank the tortion bars up or should i look into getting a stronger set of tortion bars for it?? And with that being said, are the 4dr tortion bars the same length as the sports?? I have a set of tortion bars and bigger keys in my blue 4dr that i can use if so??

Thanks in advance