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97 stalls in heavy rain and in puddles


July 26, 2012
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Woodbury Nj
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97 explorer
Hey guys. I have had a problem recently. When driving in heavy rain or playin on some local trails my explorer stalls out. Sometimes it starts right back up and sometimes it will crank for a while with pumping the throttle. I checked the intake to make sure it didn't suck any water. I checked for loose connectors and vacuum leaks but no luck. Can anyone help save my 4.0 sohc

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I'm gonna try and narrow down the search with a garden hose. I've heard a couple people say it could be the coil pack or even the cam/crank position sensors.

Probably electrical, I had a problem of my 97 running horrible (wouldn't stall though) when it rained/got wet. I never did fix it and it just kinda fixed itself. Haven't had an issue in a good year

mositure will negatively affect the ignition system so plugs, wires, and coil pack. when was the last time you had a tuneup?

Well it seems that it tends to stall out when water starts to pool up in the valley on the top of the block. More often when water pools up in the front first. I'm thinking possibly the knock sensor.