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97 Ultimate SAS V8 Sport Build.

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Will sell for the right price :)

I have most of my parts gathered. the build is about to begin

92 Explorer Sport Frame
97 Explorer Sport Body
98 Explorer 5.0
TMH headers
4406 manual
Wanted this stuff, but decided was overkill, went with D44 and 8.8 scroll down for details.

79 Ford Kingpin 60, welded on wedges, 5.38 gears, aftermarket shafts
60 rear, disk brake conversion, shafts, 5.38 gears
Custom Longarms
42-14-16 Swamper Iroks on 16x10 TR beadlocks
Unsure how much lift I'm gunna try to go with, I would like to keep it fairly low for stability, but dont want to trim fenders to to mcuh, but prolly will have to.

Will for sure have 3in body lift
6inches of suspenison, but might go for another 4 inches of suspension with rear lift springs. ..... not sure yet

This thing is gunna be big can't wait!!!

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My donor chassis

My new body


My front 60- needs cleaned. Was allready stuffed under a Ranger


I have not purchased the 42s yet, they were offered to me for a good deal, but worried about them fitting. Hmm anyone have any pics of a sport on 42s??? LOL :)

5.0 Sport with D-60's, Holy big little explorer!

37" or 39.5" meats will work better I think. :)

Can't wait to see what the rig looks like after you churn out yet another wheeler. What number wheeler is this one? I can think of at least 5 rigs in the last 3 years now....:eek:

LOL i have no idea, but this will be 1st one with a 60, 1st sport ive had with v8, so things are looking good.

Gettn Excited about this rig!!!! Sucks I have so much to do before it will come along, I have to still take off all my old lift, axles, and so on from ym red explorer and then reinstall it all on my buddies explorer. In the mean time parting out stuff I dont need. But it will all be worth it, I did cancel on the 42s, lol Im not ready for a full hydro yet and chopping my fenders that much yet.

I did order rear 4in explorer lift springs and plan on running those with axle under and 1in body lift, so 11inches or so of lift..

So... 38's?

yea Ive been think 37-38s. Would be ideal, I really like a set of 37-13.50 Boggers I had in the past....

This project changed directions. I had a deposit on the 1 tons, but decided maybe I didnt need a 1 ton to do what I want with this truck and now would like to use this as spare vehicle, not just trails. Since very nice explorer.

I did however buy a 77 D44 narrowed 6in with Chevy knuckles and Hi steer arms, 4.88 gears. Rear 8.8, 4.88 gears.

Tons of progress this weekend, hope to upload pics tommorow night, taking break right now, but a solid axle is supporting the front end right now :)

Just a Teaser more tommorow


If you're running a d60 in the rear.. then you might as well run a 40+ tire.. otherwise it's overkill on the axle. I have one, and since I don't wanna run anything over 37's, I was told by my axle expert that builds comp. crawlers to just a 9". Before he swapped 40's onto his buggy he regretted having the d60 back there with just 35's. Just my 2 cents, just a thought.

Yea I decided not to go tons since only running 35s. :)

This is my front axle how I got it. Had to do alot of working cutting off old brackets




My awesome girlfriend!!! She loves it.

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My old Duff kit on its way out.





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