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97 V8 Explorer Build Up, eventually SAS

Well my Brother just got a smokin!! deal on 97 V8 4dr explorer. He doesnt have a username here yet since doesnt have much access to inet, So i will be posting this for him as he goes. Its light green, with grey leather, interior kinda worn but body is in good shape and has sunroof
1st plans are, custom exhaust, likley 2in body lift, torsion lift and warrior shackles, will run 33s for now. Also manual t-case swap.

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dude, I LOVE my 96 5.0L on 33's with the 4406 t case

Its a friggin monster, seriously! I drive it every single day, I change the oil, I beat the living crap out of this truck, it hasnt been washed in 6 months, waxed in over a year (this is not like me at all but new wife/baby = its fine) I tow all sorts of trailers, campers, boats, atv's) and it just keeps on ticking!! 180K miles now, I just did the brakes (all new calipers/hydraulics) the headers, cam, and the 4406 t case really wake this sucker up. Its a 96 so its been alot of work and parts, but I am not afraid and I still think the 5.0L Gen II is the best RBV ever, best bang for the buck if you will... its a friggin tank!! They are anywhere from $800 to $6000 on craigslist for 96-01 5.0L trucks, they are all over the map!! good deals to be had!!

Enjoy it and lets get some pics!

Yep Jon, lots going on around here, I was trying to talk him into SASing it right away but we have plenty of stock ifs parts that need used.

This one has 201,x.. miles, likley orginal motor but, I would Imagine trany has been rebuilt at some point feels real, good truck was drove home and cuirrently being driven was $460.

Does anyone know if any other t-case beside 4406 works? We have several from earlier model F-150 not sure what model they are, also if tranny goes out he has 5spd from 87 heavy half ton with inline 6, should be same bell housing pattern that is ZF stlye tranny, that would get swapped in an manual t-case behind it should work then?


1356 will bolt up, F-150 and FSB used the 1356 and NP208 or something like this, I know the 1356 bolts up your AWD t case has the 6 bolt ford bolt circle same as a AOD-E

1356 Is likley what will be used, this will be offroading rig not so much highway.

Dang i thought i did good driving mine home for $900!!! $460 awesome

Sounds like a sweet deal. I'd love to have the V8 in my ex. Are you planning to regear it?

No he has 3.73 with limited slip for now will just run that, idea is to run it like it is with cheap lift little bigger tires for awile, and then eventually it will go SAS and that axle setup will be geared properly.

1356 won't clear the frame... You could always get an atlas!

the frame can clear the 1356 :)

There was a V8 truck for sale here recently with a 1356 installed, looked like similar clearance to our 4406 conversions? No?
I think he did a small notch

sorry I am looking for the pics and info, he shaved some off the t case but I am not 100% he notched the frame to fit the 1356

Hmm, unsure on that, he is running into delima, may decide to give the explorer up for parts to do v8 swap in his ranger, its undecided at this point now, hes gonna drive explorer for little while and see how stuff is holding up. once my computer at home works again I will post pics.

Well alot has happened since this exlorer was bought, there have been several plans for it, he was gonna just be a motor swap for a ranger, kept driving it with no front driveshaft having good times then this happened, which almost sealed the deal for ranger swap, but now! new route.


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