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97 X Black XLT 5.0

Here she is.... My Pride and joy the day i bought it... Got a hell of a deal on it... 85k miles on it... fully loaded XLT 5.0 AWD that was a rental for 40k miles and then belonged to a laywer in ohio for 45k more had new tires...and a new torque converter for $9500. Planin on some mods.... We get in excess of 300 inches of snow in the UP where i live.... if your wonderin where that is... think about 50 miles from the northernmost point.... Already got some studded winter tires on the way with steel wheels to keep the aluminum outta the snow and salt.

Mods already done...
Bosch Plat Plugs
8mm Belden Lifetime Hi Temp Wires
Mobil 1 Synth Oil 10w30
Purolator Oil filter
200 watt/pair Pioneer 6x8's all the way around
200 watt pioneer amp wired to stock stereo (PITA)
10 inch Bandpass Enclosure with Sony Xplod
Remote Starter (Also major PITA did myself)
Advance Auto Bendix Titanium Pads (They are worth their weight in platinum if you ask me)

Mods Planned...
Block Heater (Think 300 inches of snow)
Brush Guard.... ( I do offroad it quite often )
Dual Batterys
Undercar Neons (I am 19) ;)
Tow Hooks (To tow other people out of the ditch)
Stainless Cat Back Exhaust

Mod Dream List
www.explorerexpress.com (supercharger system)
High/ Low Range TCASE
Bigger Antisway bars....(yeah i know im crazy)
Hood Scoop
Window Deflectors
Headlight covers
Tailight Protectors

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i wish you had some pics man. but it sounds like you got a great deal, and thats a very nice truck.

hey, i'll post the pic for you (well i've tried like ten times and i don't have a program that can edit its size on this computer, its not mine so it won't work) . i just noticed your from michigan, do you know about our midwest xplorers club? the website is down (for development reasons) right now but here's a link anyways midwest-xplorers.com there are always trail runs going on if your interested and we're also having a get together at a detroit area hooters over thanksgiving. let me know if your interested.

nice nice, midwest-xplorers is looking for more people to join our site, i think its currently down now though

that would be great... could you send me your email address to send the picture too... what size does it have to be. how many k am i allowd...


ill look into the midwest club....

under 10k is fine, then i can post it wils0559@umn.edu

hey, do me a favor and help me decide which fog driving combo lights to get at the p-3000 piaa light thread