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97 xlt 2wd

Im 16 and I was handed this truck. My mom bought it brand new, she drove it till about 2006 and then my sister drove it until about a year ago when the transmission went out :mad:
It set in my front yard for about a year before i got a hold of it. My dad bought a new transmission with only 40,000 miles on it and its been great from there on out.
Body and Engine- 170,000
transmission- 40,000

97 XLT
2 WD
4 Door
4.0 V6

What ive done:
JVC radio
Flowmaster Deltaflow 40 on stock pipes
TT and Warrior shackles
All exterior gray, painted black (bumpers, grille)
Removed Running Boards

Bigger tires and smaller rims :p:
Roof Rack
Grille Guard
CB.... maybe



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nice x u got

Gook looking Exploder! Give's me more reason to paint my bumper now that I can see what one looks like with black there, instead of brownish-grey.



Painted factory rims, left chrome cover on.
30in Dunlop Mud Raptors

Also, Ordered a billet grille, should be here anyday now. And a 4 foot cb whip on its way. Im thinking roof mount? Maybe?

looks good, i like it!!! the more X's i see with the gray trim painted black, makes me want to do mine!

For the CB search for tailight cb whip, you can mount them on your tailights just like I did. Great looking Ex by the way!