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97 xlt 4405 swap to 1354???


September 12, 2010
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'97 Explorer XLT
Hello all and thanks for the previous info on other subjects. On to the next headache. I have a 97 xlt auto four drive. Tranny took a dump and paid a local service station 1,500 bucks to replace it. when i got it back the same day the 4405 t-case took a dump less then 15 miles. The guy gave me another tc and I took both to a reputable tranny shop. They told me they checked them both and neither one was any good. couldn't even make one out of the two. Now almost a year later, a friend gave me a 1354 tc. not sure what year it is but it looks a little different. The mounting bolts are the same. It has the six bolt cup on the front output shaft. The rear output flange is the same. The biggest difference is the vss. The tc that first came off the vehicle had the vss mounted near the rear output. the 1354 does not, however, there is a recessed area in the same location near the rear output. It almost looks like the vss could go there but maybe the hole has some kind of plug or seal in it. Next, behind the shift motor is different in that the first tc is marked clock wise, 4L- N- 4H, and the 1354 is marked clock wise 4L- 4H- 2H. Can I use this 1354 tc as a replacement for the 4405? I mean even if the vss doesn't work? Or can I take all or some of the guts and use them in the 4405? and what shift motor should I use? P.S. It's a 97 xlt control trac. 4.0 sohc with the 4 wheel drive selector on the dash that reads auto- 4H and 4L. Thanks in advance.:eek: P.S.S. The I.D. tags read MI362 4405-08 196591 F77A-GA and the other one reads A2I0I 1354-26 129256 YL54-AA. The tag on the tranny was worn to much to read.

The 4405 to 1354 is not a direct swap. It will bolt in but the electronics that control it are totally different. The ranges are shifted differently on both cases.The 1354 you have is a 98+, in 98 Ford moved the VSS to the rear differential. That's also why the front output is different. If you look through the 1354 swap thread in my signature you'll see it's not an easy conversion. Unfortunately you are in a transitional year for the drive train, I'm pretty sure only a 96 or 97 T-case will work for you. Your only option is a 96/97 4405 or a 1354 manual shift and they're getting harder to find and more pricey. If you have any questions just ask or PM me. Good luck.