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97 XLT Going SPORT!!

hey guys,
Over the past year I've been fighting myself if i should put 35's and 4.56's or make it a nice street truck. There are no explorers in my area in either of those catorgeorys so my truck would be unique in either. I have finally decided that 35's and 4.56s would not be practical since i wanna drive it a whole lot and i hear 4.56s will rev the motor high on the highway, so i decided to go sport :D

I was prepared to spend 5-6 grand on my X to make it off-road so money is not a issue. I already have been reading these threads and have seen alot of parts to make it sporty, such as KKM intake, exhaust, Apton chip, Supercharger, ETC. But the main thing im wondering about is that is there ANY reeaal nice shift kits out there for my 97 XLT 4.0 SOHC?? Me and my Dad have been rebuilding muslce cars for atleast 10 year and the shift kits in them are wonderful.....the tires easily chirp through the gears even though its automatic, im not asking this from an X but is there any shift kits out there for my explorer where i can atleast feel it shift or feel alittle jolt forward.
Any other speed mod suggestions will be aprecciated.
P.S. My X is black and if theres any nice 18inch or so Gold rims out there can somebody let me know.

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I have the apten chip, and the shifts are harder that stock under hard acceleration. I am unawawre of any mechanical shift kits for the 4.0, but maybe someone else can post with more info.

thanx 99sport, I already plan on the Apten and it sounds good that it shifts better.
BUT if anyone else out there knows of a shift-kit for a 4.0 X speak up
Also are there any gold rims out there that would fit my X?

The Shift-Plus will work. I would also recomend a MAC intake.

Thanx Todd.... Will the Shift-Plus have a nice strong shift feel to it?

And also, the MAC is better than K&N? why? is it more hp or is the quality better?

Never felt it. Just know it works.

I liked the MAC because it came with a chrome tube, and just didn't want the K&N. Plus I got a good deal with mine off of Ebay.

Thanx todd,
And for Everybody.... Does anyone know where i can get some nice Gold rims for my X?
Its a nice Glossy black and i dont see any X's with gold rims.

finally, do you guys suggest i also get a cam?

LOL, some gold wire wheels? You can look at getting some Daytons.

There are no aftermarket cams for your SOHC. I guess it's time for the 5.0 swap.

hahahaha no no no not the wire ones i meant is there any out there that are really nice but instead of being finished in chrome there gold?
awww that sucks no cam :(