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97 XLT H3 Foglights??

Hey everyone, i just bought this sweet ride, and found out that one of the foglights was burned out. So i bought two Sylvania SilverStar "H3ST" foglights, and they don't have the same connector, or the same shape as the ones in there right now. The guide book at the store said i needed an H3-55W, did i buy the wrong bulb, or am i just stupid and im overlooking something really easy? Thanks for the help everyone!


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Most guide books are wrong. It takes an 899 or something close to it. There are three different bulbs that fit. One is 27 watt, the one in there is 37 watt and there is a 50 watt all in the correct configuration to fit. I would use the 50 watt bulb instead of the silverstar but thats just me. Bulb should have a # on it.

Thanks, that's what ill do then. lousy guidebooks *shakes fist*

oh yeah... and somone said there shouldnt be a write up for lights.... BAH!

Thats sweet, i need to get my hands on some of those converter thingys

coliniscool said:
Thats sweet, i need to get my hands on some of those converter thingys

um you cant buy it, he made that... it is truely ghetto fab ;)

well be that as it may, its always cool to tweek and mess with things. i think it's cool that people are trying stuff out like that, it keeps me entertained haha.

well when you want something and nothing comes the way you want it, your bound to ghetto rig, or fabricate your own things...

i was there when i owned my Ford Escort... no bolt-ons... so everything had to be made, or adapted

just like a foum friend of mine... http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/378138/1

right on, if i were as brave as you and i wasn't so sure id kill myself with fabricating tools, ide try all kind of crazy stuff.

im not brave... i actually dont care about dying doing something i love... but being serriously injured and living is what im scared of