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97 XLT key fob problem in UK


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April 14, 2010
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colchester uk
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2000 northface
Guessing a common question but..
got a 97 XLT with only 1 key fob and its getting a bit flaky, rubber button worn through.
Its a single button Bosch type which is from what I read the most difficult to source and does the immobiliser as well.
Anyone know where I can get a spare for this and then program it into the car?
As an alternate, anyone know how to bypass the immobiliser piece?

Hi Alan
you could give chrisquelch a pm. He is down in Fareham and breaks explorers. If he can't help you could ring justin at explorer parts uk 07921823310. He has loads of used parts also.
Also come say hi to the guys in the uk. On the front page scroll down to the clubs section to find us.