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97 xlt stereo....


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December 29, 2009
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1997 Ford Explorer
hello people.!

im a newb and i need HELP!
So i currently got a 1997 explorer xlt with the JBL sound system.
Anyways, I removed the stock 8 inch woofer in the back and just hooked up the wires to a 10 inch cvr kicker and worked perfectly fine. After a while of using the subwoofer on full bass, the amp started to get hot and I decided to switch to a stronger amp(alpine). So what i did was remove the connected cables from the stock amp and connected the lose capables to the aftermarket amp.I hooked up all the power cables that were used to power the stock amp and the cables that seemed to be the speaker cables(2 light green with stripe and 1 black with green strip I think) to the alpine. So i turned on the car and all the speakers were working fine until smoke came out from the alpine. So today, i decided to hook up the stock amp again with the original connecters. My car isnt currently running(needs new gas pump) so i put the car on ACC mode and the stock JBL stereo didnt turn on nor the antenna went up. I thought it was the battery, so i charged it, and reconnected the battery and the stereo still didnt turn on. So im currently confused and i dont know what to do. :frustrate

So i thought about the options i had..
1)Someone could help me on how i could possibly make the stereo work again.(Stereo was functioning before)

2)I put in a aftermarket HU-I would put this in:


Now I've read about the antenna being hooked up to the rear passenger panel. I 've located it already so i basicly know how to hook it up to an aftermarket HU. Now I also dont want to use the stock harness in the back. My question-Can I buy a wiring harness that will just hook up to the aftermarket HU and ditch the rear amp?? & i also dont want to hook up the stereo to wiring harness in the rear panel, I just want to hook up the HU just like any other, with the wiring harness in the back of the HU, Is it possible?\
If its possible, do i rewire the speakers to the the stock harness on the new HU??

Another question-I noticed that many of the new dvd double din stereos have rca outputs instead of the regular wiring that includes the harness. If i were to use a HU like this(with only rca outputs) would i have to cut the speaker wires and convert them into rca's?(with rca's in one end and the stock connection on the other end to the speaker)

First off-Hello and welcome!
I know a search of this forum will net you most of the answers you are looking for. The jbl sound system has only a control head in the dash. the radio and amp are together in the right rear of the vehicle. Since you found where the antenna lead was plugged in, you also now know where the radio really is. As for the wiring, there are some schematics on this forum- search in the sound system section. There is an aftermarket wire harness available to hook up a new head unit to the door speakers if thats what you are after. The factory sub will no longer work with a different head unit without some rewiring.

thanks for the welcoming. :)

So basicly i had been looking around the forums before i posted this, so i know all about the wiring harness adapter and where everything is located. Now im confused about installing a new HU since the one im looking forward buying doesnt seem to have a wiring harness, just pure rca's comming out the back of the new HU with the names of where each one leads to. So what will i have to do now?