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97x mod pics


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November 8, 2007
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perth western australia
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97 xlt
here are some pics of my 97 x the mods i have done so far are custom shackel cause down here in oz we cant get them made a snorkel up also have fitted over head screen and dvd stero in the dash just put 31's on it kl71's whent well but just lost first gear in the trans so had to start off in 2nd in getting fixed now not happy about that


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nice x so far keep up the good work on it

any info on the bumper? what about close up pics of the snorkel?

nice looking truck any furthur plans for it...also im in for more info on that bumper.

the only info i can give you on that bumper is that i think it was a ford oppition here in oz cause most x that have a bull bar have that one i have more pic of snorkel i will post them up soon

Very nice!! :thumbsup:

Nice Bumper

Nice Bumper were did you get it? Is it a winch Bumper

no its not a winch bumper and i think they where factory opption but getting new when thiis week or next as i bent that one so will let you know i know they are 1500 aus dollars