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For Sale 98-01 lift-gate parts


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September 2, 2011
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I have the following lift-gate parts for sale:

1. privacy glass with defroster
2. window hinges
3. wiper motor
4. wiper arm
5. window and lift-gate latches w/rods & switches
6. rear glass handle & latch bar
7. rear glass gas struts
8. latch push button (no matching key)
9. lock actuator motor
10. tag lights with lenses
11. plastic lift-gate handle w/Ford emblem
12. misc wiring
13. LED 3rd brake light

PM me if you need something.

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You don't have the trim on the bottom of the liftgate?

You don't have the trim on the bottom of the liftgate?

no, sorry. just what i listed and a bunch of chrome letters that used to say EXPLORER SPORT.

we have a designated "For Sale" section, please post this in there, thanks


I posted there also. people don't seem to look there as often.