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98 2wd 5.0..grinding when turning left or going straight

May 22, 2021
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'98 Explorer XLT 5.0L
When I turn to the left or driving straight I here grinding noise coming from the passenger side front end. No vibration felt
I have brand new upper control arms with ball joints..lower ball joints.tie rod ends sway bar links and inner/outer wheel bearings.
Had the noise before replacing all these parts.
Got it up off the grind, spun the wheels but no grinding noise.
Doesnt shake or vibrate
What next

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Sounds often seem like they’re coming from elsewhere. I’d check the rear wheel bearings. I’d also swap tires front to rear to see if that changes anything.

Already changed the tires from front to back.
Checked the rear end, if was good..changed the gear oil too

Drive shaft u joints?

Well, unless it’s inside the transmission you’ve missed something. I don’t believe there are any other moving parts.

Yea im at a dead end on this mf..
Axle wouldnt cause that noise right?

I think you’d feel it when turning the rear.

Heck if I know
Im go in to check my wheel bearing.
Maybe I bought some defective ones.