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98 4x4 sport


June 13, 2015
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98 ford explorer sport
If done some reading but have mixed answers I have a 98 sport I just did a 2in body lift will I be able to fit 285 75r16 ? At what size should I consider re gearing? Thanks

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I ran those tires on a 96 4 door with 3.73s and wish I would have went with 4.11s. I needed it to be highway friendly as once a week I had to make a 120 mile round trip, but on moutain passes I had to drop it into 3rd gear to maintain speed.

How long did it take you to stick the 2" body lift in your rig? I am thinking of purchasing a 1.5" ranger body lift then 4 door leaf pack and a single torsion twist to raise it to make it level. I rub just a little with 270/65/16 with stock height.

With the 285/75r16 2" lift should be enough. But if you run 33/12.50r15 you have to trim finders. I have ran both sizes and I prefer the 16's.

This is with 33's
this is with 285/75r16 both with in a week and with 4" lift. Sorry for double post.