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98 5.0 Oil Pan Gasket


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July 3, 2011
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1998 5.0L AWD Eddie Bauer
Alright guys my truck has finally got the dreaded oil pan leaking, and yes it's AWD. I have read all the threads on replacing it. I Know it can be done in the truck or by pulling the engine. I'm just thinking of a plausible way to attack this thing. I know a engine hoist will be needed to lift the engine to clear the steering rack. Question is am I gonna have to remove the fan and shroud along with unhooking the headers and disconnecting the mounts. My dad who worked on cars for years said he has always jack up engines by the harmonic balancer. Is this even feasible with our trucks? Being the radiator is right there? I don't know if a floor jack will clear enough to get the height needed to get the pan off? My garage isn't big enough to pull the motor completely out and that seems like overkill anyways for such a minor repair?. I've done online estimates of having a shop do it and its just ridiculous on what they would want for it to be done. I guess I'm just looking for some wisdom here is all. Is there absolutely no other way to do this other the ways I've read here. I'm not looking forward to doing the repair but know it needs done. Also does the front diff need to come completely out and can i release the CV axles from the tubes and let them hang, I know to do this I need to separate the knuckle anyways. Thanks in advance.


Never done the process my self, but i had quick glance at the manual about it, seems like pita.

Not sure if you have looked at this manual yet Dropbox - 1996-2001 ford explorer.pdf

There's section for 5.0 engine oil pan, few thousand pages down...

Edit: take few pics as you go, if you find good solution. (might have to do this process later my self).

Started on it today so far process isn't bad I've got everything unhooked in the front end except the drivers side knuckle and half shaft and the front drive shaft only took a couple hours.