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98 5r55e has no overdrive and is slipping in reverse


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February 16, 2009
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Lake Forest ca
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1998 explorer
The trans was rebuilt 10000 miles ago. Recently I was driving on the freeway and it downshifted out of overdrive. Reverse is slow to engage and slips. Forward gears shift solid, just will not go into od. I just replaced filter, seperator plate with bonded gaskets, epc and tcc solenoids. I installed a transgo shift kit adjusted bands and everything checks out. Explorer has 150000 miles. What is my next step?

i am not a transmission expert, but i would look at the overdrive and reverse servos. did the transgo kit come with a replacement reverse servo gasket? i beleive the overdrive servo is held in with a retaining clip that can break or come loose.

Not sure if the overdrive servo clips were replaced, but I am going to pull the servo when I get some time this week. How do I check the bore for roundness / wear?

Today I did a pressure test.

At idle....park 75, reverse 110 to 140, drive 100, 2nd 100, 1st 100.

At wot.... 1st 300, 2nd 300, drive 310, and reverse 400 and climbing fast to max pressure of gauge of 600 psi.

Driving pressure hovered around 150 while on the gas and off the gas coasting pressure was about 75 psi.

What would cause such great pressure in reverse?