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'98 arm rests w/manual windows


September 8, 2015
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'98 Explorer
Looking for some help here....
I have a '98 Explorer base model (XL?)....this car is so base model it doesn't even have power windows!
What I need is a drivers side arm rest/door pull, somehow the P.O. destroyed the arm rest on the drivers side front AND the passengers side rear! I have visited numerous bone yards here in Milwaukee...all of which have countless 2nd gen X's.....problem is, absolutely all of them have power windows! Called the Stealership and found out the part is discontinued (even if there were available,a new one costs around $200) Front is P/N F57Z7824101AAA and rear is F57Z7827618AAB.
Does anyone have any ideas where I can find these? How can I find other vehicles they might fit?
Thanks in advance.
Picture included to show, no way to rig a set from a power window car.


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Did you find any? I'm in the same predicament. I need all 4.

No luck so far!
I have contacted Ford directly to see if this part was used on any other vehicles...turns out this part option was only available on three model years and was made specifically for the Explorer. So, in other words, we're S.O.L. unless we can find one here or in a bone yard.
BTW, I have seen a couple on eBay....I'm just not prepared to spend what they're asking.

PM sent...

another PM sent...

I realize this post is a few months old but, have you thought about using a Ranger panel for the front driver side? Manual window Rangers are more common and both vehicles are mostly the same from the B-pillar forward, aren't they?