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98 AWD, front end turning noise

Length measured here


  • drive shaft length.jpg
    drive shaft length.jpg
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this style works also. That what I used.

It's coming from the front right wheel area. Only when I'm on the gas.

List of suspects

front drive shaft
front cv shaft
ball joints
control arm bushings
brake caliper bracket bolts loose-
shock mounts worn
torsion bar pads

All of these are exposed to stress when you give it gas-

Just the way it feels on the vehicle and the sound of it, it's the CV IMO.. Everything else you mentioned looks and feels pretty solid. The first thing I'm going to do is replace the CV on that side.. and then I'll go from there.

well it sounds like, regardless of what people recommend, you're gonna do what you're gonna do.

so I s'pose I'll just stop trying to give advice.

I checked everything mentioned, I only haven't unbolted the front dshaft... I've read many threads on the argument of weather it's damaging or not and I'm quite weary. I'll give it a try though anyways when it clears up outside. [It's been raining here. It's getting messy out again.]

I moved this to the stock 95-01 forum, as a noise is not a 911

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es alright