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98 Eb Awd V8


Neon and fogs.jpg

This is my 1998 Eddie Bauer AWD V8. It has all the available options except the cell-phone. It replaced my 92 XLT after 164k miles.

Check out my Dead Link Removed

Aftermarket Stuff:
Hidden Hitch Round Tube Class III Reciever
Ventvisor Ventshades
Cobra 75 WX ST Remote Mount CB
PIAA 9007 Superwhites
Tinted front windows to match
Granatelli MAS
KKN True-Rev
Synthetic Oil/Transmission/Transfer-Case oil
Flowmaster 50 series
Streetglow Gold Series green underbody neons
Streetglow 885 50W Superwhite Foglight Bulbs
"EXPLORER" 3rd Brake Light Cover
EE Rear Sway Bar
ES Front Sway Bar Bushings
Lund Windjammer - painted to match

Other Mods:
No exhaust past muffler, 3" turndown
Rewired Fogs to work with parking light on instead of low beams only
Silver Painted Turn Signal Bulbs in front to make "almost" clear corners.... (i'm a cheapskate)

Immediate future mods:
Diablo Chip
Baumann Engineering Shift Kit (Warranty?)
Ford E303 Cam or Comp Cams Dual Stage
Headers (If I can find any)
Billet Grill

Long term/as needed mods:
ART Slotted Front/Rear Rotors
Kill two of four (!!) stock cats

I wish mods:
10psi Powerdyne Supercharger
347ci stroker
Atlas II Transfer Case
Another Explorer just like it so I can lift one on 35s and lower one on Cobra Rs