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98 Eddie Bauer 4R55E Trans delayed 1-2 shift


November 1, 2012
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Prescott Arizona
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98 explorer Eddie Bauer
Afternoon guys, Problems after servicing my 98 Explorer. During a routine maintenance of the Trans, I noticed an abnormal number of loose VB bolts. I retightened them because I never found any parts or pieces in the pan of the transmission and now I have a delayed shift from 1-2 and trouble code PO732. the typical O/d light is flashing and I am thinking that the VB gasket has finally given up the ghost. she has 324k miles And the trans has never given me any problems. Where can I find the replacement separator plate and replacement VB gasket to correct this issue? All solenoid have been checked and I have replaced the EPC solenoid due to mileage. to head off any problems. I have no slip in the trans; and the delayed shift "is" associated with the PO732 incorrect ratio code. Just so it is clear the reason I performed the service was because the O/d light started to flash. So now where to find the replacement parts to fix it. LOL Any thoughts?

Pork, I believe you should have the 5R55E unit in your '98. For parts if you like eBay, try user transdeals4u. Also, on the web, try transmissionpartsusa.com, or makcotransmission(s?).com, or wittrans.com. Best wishes.

PS: Might as well kit or replace that VB while you have it down.