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98 Eddie Bauer Stereo Upgrade.


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October 7, 2010
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Rochester, MN
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98 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I'm wanting to upgrade my factory stereo in my 98 Eddie Bauer, 4.0 SOHC.

It has the factory sub in the back quarter panel which I would like to keep. It also has steering wheel controls which I would also like to keep.

Through research on this site I think I have found what I need in the following links. Can anyone please let me know if this is everything, or if I'm missing something? thanks!




Yes you are missing one thing. The factory ford sub amp only takes 5 volts to turn on. Not the 12 volts an after market head unit will provide. Using the 12volt to turn on a 5 volt amp will make it pop when it is turned on. You use something like this to fix that problem. -> -> -> http://www.amazon.com/Axxess-Interface-AFDI-5V-Ford-Step/dp/B00200K1X4

Awesome thank you! How does the step down wire into the system?

Actually, check the preamp output voltages for your particular head unit. I poorly soldered in a 5V regulator inline with the amp turn on wire (can find them at radioshack) and had no issues...then I was looking up the specs on my head unit and found the preamp voltage was 2.5v...no regulator needed, and works fine without it.