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98 explorer 4.0 2wd no o/d


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January 28, 2011
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Louisville, KY
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1998 Sport
I have a 98 explorer sport 4.0 2wd and i have noticed that the o/d is not working.
I just bought the vehicle expecting to have to put some money in it.
Here is the weird part.
I do not have an o/d light flash i get 2 codes P0760 shift solenoid malfunction and P1762 No o/d.
I am wondering if this is just a solenoid issue or could this be a bigger problem?
The transmission shifts fine 1 -4 but never goes into overdrive.
The o/d light comes on when i hit the o/d button but nothing changes.
The fluid level looks good and i have adjusted the bands.
I am not sure if i should just get the shift solenoid or do i need to look deeper.
Any help would be great

Could be solenoid or band concern.

ok ill replace the shift solenoid and then see what happens and let you know


Ok i replaced the shift solenoid C last night and everything working fine shifts better than it ever did through all gears and O?D is working great.