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98 explorer 4x4 moves and then won’t go


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January 8, 2018
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98 xl Eddie Bauer 4x4
I have a 98 explorer 4x4 which I am assuming has the 5r55e according to the vin sticker. Anyway, it was moving fine until I backed up one day and it would not move anymore. If you sit for a while with it in drive it will take off and go about a quarter of a mile and repeat. Does the same thing in reverse. Has good power and shifting when it moves. O/d off light is flashing. No signs of anything slipping. If you rev it up sometimes it will hit hard and go. Similar to a stall converter. Any suggestions?

Did you try it in manual second? If there’s no signs of slipping, what does it do when it doesn’t move? Fluid color? Mileage?