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98 Explorer - I know you're probably tired of hearing this...


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May 14, 2011
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96 xlt
I just got a 'good deal' on the above vehicle. I was told it needed a fuel pump, which it did. The PATS won't let it start (disabled ignition and fuel pump). I bought another PCM from an identical vehicle (the old one was bad-wouldn't communicate with my code reader), a new INS, PATS relay and replaced a bad door latch. Have not had the PCM flashed, and don't know if the keys are any good. When I try to start it, the 'theft' light is solid. So, do I just need to have the PCM flashed and the keys reprogrammed?

Please say 'yes'.

I'm about ready to shoot the guy who sold it to me and blow up the vehicle.



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July 16, 2009
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97 XLT
I'm pretty sure that's a yes, but maybe wait for someone who's actually dealt with the security crap as I've only read about it.
BTW, not tired of hearing this, tired of hearing "how do I lift to clear a 31x10.5???" as if it hasn't been discussed 10,000 times on various forums....
I'm slowly leaving this board for pirate 4x4 where I can cuss people out for asking stupid crap :D

As for shooting the guy, don't bother. The pats system on these trucks are pretty simple, so regardless of what needs to be done, it won't be hard.