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98 explorer resistor


December 19, 2008
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98 Stock V8 XLT
Anyone have step by step instructions on replacing my fan resistor? It will only run on high?

Look around the blower housing, passenger side under the hood. You should see a group of wires going to a plug (4-6 wires). Usually there are a pair of tapping screws holding the resister pack mounted mounted to the housing (the air blowing over it keeps the coils from burning out). The plug contact could be corroded or rusted but the wire resister loops inside rarely let go. The are usually made of heavy wire. Clean the terminals if in doubt first if you can without removing it. Otherwise either remove it or meter the loops for continuity. The resistance is quite low (a few ohms to fraction and would appear to be zero unless you have a good meter. The hardest part is locating where it is.