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98 explorer suspension torque spec.


June 13, 2015
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98 ford explorer sport
1998 Ford explore sport v6 4.0 sohc 4x4 automatic

Hey im getting ready to replace my upper control arms/ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, lower ball joints, camber bolts and leaf springs and shackles as well as doing a TT is there any torque specs I should be aware of? all my suspension parts are Moog problem solver will I need any extra bushings or bolts for anything? Anything that can be reused that should be replaced?

Also what all special tools will I need as far as I can tell I need a ball joint press torque wrench and maybe a tie rod puller but I seen it could be done with a pipe wrench if I turn tires all the way.
Any info or help is appreciated. Thanks

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^ Excellent, thank you. :dpchug: :chug:
Hope this is a trend. After all, it only takes ONE minute to do.