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98 Explorer: Torsion Bars, Control Arms, Bushings and Ball Joints


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April 8, 2007
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1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I am getting ready to replace both upper control arms, both upper ball joints, and both lower ball joints, and the bushings in the lower and upper control arms. This is all being done in my old 98 Explorer Eddie Bauer V8 AWD. I have some questions about it.

I have been reading about torsion bars and some of threads have said you have to replace the torsion adjuster bolt after you remove the torsion bars. Is this true or can I just put some dry adhesive on the old bolt and reuse it when I put the torsion bars back in? Also if I have to get new bolts where can I get them from??

Also what kind of grease should I pump into my new greaseable Moog ball joints. Right now I have multi-purpose super tech grease from Wal-Mart. That will work right?

When I put the bolts back into the control arms do I need to put any kind of anti-seize or dry adhesive when I put them bolts back on?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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The torsion bar adjuster bolts can be reused, many have, and many have extra bolts which were removed(lowering). Replacing the whole arm would be safer as the bushing replacement is very dangerous. The upper cost just over $100 each I recall, and I just paid about $90 each for my lower arms. Use anti-seize on the upper control arm spindle bolts. The inner frame bolts could use a tiny dab on each thread. Also install upper control arm camber washers. The stock outer washers have no adjustment, one kit per side at a parts store are about $16, they make the camber adjustment easier for alignment. Good luck,


Where can I get new lower control arms? I haven't been able to find any parts store that carry a lower control arm. Why is it dangerous to just replace the bushings in the lower control arm?

check out autoparts stores that sell dorman stuff 520-223 and 520-224 are the part numbers.. im assuming it comes with a "quality" dorman balljoint.. lol... oh an dyou get hte bushings i do believe.

anyone know where there is writeup for replacing lower control arm bushings?????

there is now a moog 1 pc upper RH control arm.
part # k80068 RH upper
part # k8708T LH upper