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98 explorer wont shift when cold


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May 6, 2008
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Fredericton, NB
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1998 Explorer XLT
I have 98 explorer that I put in a used transmission in two months ago and now that it is cold in the mornings the transmission doesnt want to shift into gear.transmission shop checked out transmission before it was put in and said it was fine.Also had installed cooler and inline filter .Any help would be appreciated!

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im having the same problem......any tips would greatly be appreciated. im gonna trial and error mine in just a bit today..ill let ya know if im successful.

It might have bad valve body gaskets, and loose valve body bolts.

im going to take apart the steering column and change the "brake switch" or just bypass it....a mechanic said that the rangers and s-10's were common for that problem. Especially since my truck is in pristine condition and for this problem to pop up is odd. Ill let ya know by tonight.

Lets back up a little. Is it hard to shift into gear when it's cold as in from park to reverse to drive or are the gears slow to engage while you're drive as in severe slippage? There is a TSB on the shifting out of park issue.