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98 Explorer XLT build


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July 8, 2012
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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1998 Explorer XLT
So here it is, plain and simple, this thread is basically going to be my build of my Explorer. Its a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT leather with a 5.0 V8 2wd. So far all ive done to it is crank the torsion bars about an 1"-1 1/2". Next is the Warrior shackles. It is my daily driver so nothing to extreme.

What all i plan on doing to it:
Warrior (WAR153) shackles
Foglights in the front bumper, no lower valance
New rear bumper
New windshield
Hook up my Kicker 10" sub and amp
Sport trac radio bezel
Blue and white LEDs in the interior
And some other stuff im sure ill just find along the way that i want to do

Enough talk! Its time for pics!


Flexing with the TT

Flexing without the TT

Before cleaning

After cleaning

Taking out the seats, might leave them out, i like the extra cargo space

How crappy the floor is, have yet to work on that part yet and im not so sure that i want to!





Body and bumper damage where it got backed into

As she sits now

There will be more to come! Going to a pick and pull salvage yard tomorow hopefully so ill post pics of what i get!

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Always fun to see pictures and information about our Ex's being fixed up!

Got some High Performance fog lights at Walmart for $20 to replace my old ones. These bad boys are pretty bright! Thinking about buying a few more and mounting them on my roof rack


When i got them before taking out and hooking up


Pretty damn bright if i do say so

Thats with my brights ON!

The switch

My only complaint about these is that the wire to hook up from the battery to the switch is WAYYY to short, have to get some extra wire and splice it up...Other than that I am thoroughly impressed!

Progress has been slow due to lack of time since school has started and lack of money. But i have done a few small things!!


Picked up some of those blue valve stem cover/cap things


Got some new marker lights (FINALLY!) to stop that fast turn signal i had

As of right now my neighbor is building me some rear lift shackles out of angle iron. Thanks Christapher for the idea!!

Got some more stuff done, been making a list of stuff that i have that needs to be put on!

I got 2 more sets of lights:
Small square lights that i mounted on the back bumper for back up lights
Thin led lights that i mounted on the grill, real sleek. I like they way they look

Made an arrow antenna
Got a cb and some whips, gonna mount them on my taillights
Got a trailer wire hook up (what ever you call it) and mounted it under my ball
Ordered a new deck from Amazon, Pioneer
Euro taillights
Dad bought me a new Magnaflow muffler!! Gonna sound amazing when i get it on!

Thats all that ive done in the past week or so, half of it isnt even at my house yet. ill get pics tomorrow of what ive got that i put on today