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'98 Ford Explorer cam timing

Although there are many posts on valve train timing I have yet to see one that shows a picture of the cam lobe position of #1 and #5 cylinder. It appears to me that the reference to the crankshaft at TDC for #1 and #5 leaves the cam on the right side with the offcenter slot for the cam holding tool 180 degrees out of time....the left side is fine, it just evacuated..the right side shows lobe to be standing straight up, a 1/2 turn from end of compression, and the offcenter slot is opposite the left. Any suggestions??--guess i could include the details of the engine---
4.0 L sohc (E)..125,000 mi.---replacing , #1 piston, wrist pin, and rod---main and rod bearings. piston rings...and all timing chains and sprockets.